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I made it into a t-shirt! The lighting is awful at my work, so it doesn’t look as cool as it does in real life, in the photo. But I’m super excited, since this is my first eva design! Let me know what you guys think, and I can print up more shirts if anyone wants them!

god knows if ill actually finish this fuck
It’s Kyubey’s fault I’m not popular

Seiga is such a cutie. I made this jacket for a friend of mine for christmas. She says it’s super comfy and warm! I’m so happy! ^___^

I love my job. I get to make awesome stuff like this! I made it as a christmas present for a friend of mine.

Just contact me if you want something. I can do mugs, cups, shirts, hoodies, lots of stuff!

Elsie from The World God Only Knows
Took me a few days to draw this. I’m actually pretty proud of this one, for once!
It’s funny, the first sketch that started this whole thing was actually done on my cellphone.

Anyway, here’s the steps I took making it!

Original Source:

High res 1080p desktop wallpaper:

I was weedmiji inubashiweed for Halloween
Today was a good day.
Myself and ZUN!



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We love Neptune!
She’s so cute it’s physically painful. Please, share our pain. Share our love.

This was my Patchouli submission for the AWA Touhou Scroll Project! You can see all of the works in progress for my pieces and everyone else as well. was wonderful being a part of this project! My thanks goes out to everyone who made this happen, especially Totaku, without him none of this could have been possible.Expect to see me at AWA in my Koishi cosplay! <3